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Celcrete autoclaved concrete (AAC) is a solid, inert, lightweight masonry building material

Suitable for the construction of single and multi-storey buildings such as residential homes, commercial and industrial buildings.

AAC provides excellent thermal insulation against high and low temperatures and has superior sound absorption and insulation qualities. It is non-combustible, decay free, non-allergenic and easy to handle and work.


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Celcrete Products

Suitable for use in the construction of all types of residential and commercial buildings. Celcrete is available in several different solid loadbearing and non-loadbearing forms.


Celcrete Benefits

For modern efficient buildings it is superior to conventional masonry in virtually every way and is one of the major achievements of the past century in the field of wall construction.

Rendertek Plaster

Rendertek Plaster

Rendertek Plaster is the only approved plaster system to be applied over Celcrete. It is a specially formulated polymer modified cement based plaster system.

Residential and Commercial

Celcrete can be used for multiple uses and works with many styles of architecture. Take a look at our gallery for inspiration.

Celcrete Panel Veneer System

Celcrete Panel Veneer System

The innovative marriage of this well proven masonry material with New Zealand lightweight timber framing construction & external plaster finish.

Fencing System

Autoclaved aerated concrete panels that are reinforced with vertical and horizontal corrosion protected steel wires, in conjunction with galvanized fence posts. Theses systems are easy to erect and provide the benefits of durability and noise reduction

Block Building System

Suitable for both the external and internal walls of both single and two storeyed residential or light commercial buildings.

Flooring System

75mm thick and reinforced with corrosion protected steel wires fixed to a light timber framed or light steel framed flooring system

Do it once, Do it right

Celcrete Cladding Systems NZ Ltd is a New Zealand based privately owned company, which distributes Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) and associated products throughout New Zealand through a network of licensed Distributors.

Celcrete Cladding Systems NZ Ltd, Tauranga